Every time I think the ACV craze has finally settled down, another magazine article, website, or new product line proves me wrong! Apple cider vinegar does have a few things going for it but, as you might have suspected, its powers have been vastly over-estimated in the popular imagination.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Here are a few things that ACV probably won’t do for you:

ACV won’t magically melt the fat from your body

As I talked about in a podcast from way back in 2009, the acetic acid in vinegar has been shown to boost metabolism and cause you to burn an extra calorie or two. (That’s true of any vinegar, by the way, not just ACV.) But this is another example of the fact that something can be true without being particularly meaningful. The effect of vinegar on your metabolism is so modest that it is unlikely to result in noticeable weight loss unless it is combined with other strategies, such as eating less.


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