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Stories by Abner Louis Notkins

New Predictors of Disease

Molecules called predictive autoantibodies appear in the blood years before people show symptoms of various disorders. Tests that detected these molecules could warn of the need to take preventive action...

February 18, 2007 — Abner Louis Notkins

The Causes of Diabetes

There are two major types of diabetes: the maturity-onset form and the juvenile-onset form. Juvenile-onset diabetes appears to develop from a complex interaction between genetic makeup and environment...

November 1, 1979 — Abner Louis Notkins

How the Immune Response to a Virus Can Cause Disease

The body's defense mechanism may not always be beneficial. In many cases the very process that should combat a virus is itself a cause of the damage associated with a viral disease

January 1, 1973 — Abner Louis Notkins and Hilary Koprowski
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