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Stories by Alan Hall

Y2What? We're All Still Here.

No terrorist attacks or errant missile launches marked the start of Y2K. Indeed, midnight on December 31, 1999, came and went with only minor glitches. Have any to report? Our readers respond...

January 3, 2000 — Alan Hall

The Latest Neanderthal

New evidence indicates that Neanderthals roamed central Europe far more recently than researchers thought

November 8, 1999 — Alan Hall

Other Ways of Seeing

Chandra will provide further proof that there is more to the cosmos than meets the eye

August 2, 1999 — Alan Hall

Going, Going--Gone?

Much of the world's water is stored in glaciers and the great polar ice sheets. But these frozen reservoirs are melting rapidly, and the water they release could cause a catastrophic rise in sea levels...

April 26, 1999 — Alan Hall

Significant Others

The discovery of a nearby solar system renders our corner of space a little bit less lonely

April 19, 1999 — Alan Hall
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