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Stories by Charles Choi

The Brontosaurus Is Back

Decades after scientists decided that the famed dinosaur never actually existed, new research says the opposite

April 7, 2015 — Charles Choi

'Alien-Like' Skulls Excavated in Mexico

Skull deformation of children was a common practice in Central America, but scientists are still struggling to solve the mystery of why these otherwise healthy youth died prematurely

December 21, 2012 — Charles Choi and LiveScience

Warming to Law

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, how stiff will greenhouse gas regulations be?

June 17, 2007 — Charles Choi and Charles Q. Choi

Lung Cancer

New vaccine against the deadliest of all cancers teaches the body to defend itself while avoiding the side effects of more traditional therapies

December 11, 2006 — Charles Choi


Immunizing the body against nicotine might be just what smokers need to quit for good

December 11, 2006 — Charles Choi


A disease afflicting half a million people annually requires a special kind of vaccine

December 11, 2006 — Charles Choi

Hepatitis C

The world's first preventative vaccine against Hepatitis C could curb the spread of the disease that killed Allen Ginsberg and thousands of others

December 11, 2006 — Charles Choi

Vision Loss

First a Nobel Prize, and now a potentially viable treatment: the world's first interfering RNA drug could be the first of many

December 11, 2006 — Charles Choi
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