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Stories by Christopher Mims54 articles archived since 1845

World Changing Ideas 2012

10 innovations that are radical enough to alter our lives

November 14, 2012 — The Editors, Ferris Jabr, Katherine Harmon, Emily Laber-Warren, David Biello, Daisy Yuhas, Adam Piore, Christopher Mims, Marissa Fessenden and John Carey

World-Changing Ideas

10 new technologies that will make a difference

November 15, 2011 — The Editors, Elizabeth Svoboda, Christopher Mims, Francie Diep, Morgen Peck and Sarah Fecht

The Wallet in Your Skin

Forget cell-phone payment systems--just wave your hand to charge it

November 15, 2011 — Christopher Mims

Crops that Don't Need Replanting

Year-round crops can stabilize the soil and increase yields. They may even fight climate change

November 15, 2011 — Christopher Mims

The No-Money-Down Solar Plan

A new wave of start-ups wants to install rooftop solar panels on your house. Upfront cost: nothing

December 1, 2009 — Christopher Mims

Replacing the Honeybee

Entomologists struggle to find an alternative to the vanishing honeybee

June 1, 2009 — Christopher Mims

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