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Stories by David Bressan


Travels & Trilobites in Geology

" Consequently, if my theory be true, it is indisputable that before the lowest Silurian stratum was deposited, long periods elapsed, as long as, or probably far longer than, the whole interval from the Silurian age to the present day; and that during these vast, yet quite unknown, periods of time, the world swarmed with living creatures ." Charles Darwin in " On the Origin of Species " (1859), the Silurian -epoch of Darwin's time corresponds to today's C ambrian ." Barrandium " is the denomination of the stratigraphic succession found in the Basin of Prague (Czech Republic)...

July 24, 2012 — David Bressan
The Sciences

Travels & Troubles in Geology: Africa

" We locked the doors, armed for a fight with gun, knife and hammers, …[]. The expectation for an adventure and the fleas hold us awake for a long time… "Austrian geologist Guido Stache in 1870 describing field work on the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Summer time is also time for holidays and travels - so let us follow some geologist(s) on their travels and expeditions and their experiences, discoveries, joys and troubles of field work...

July 15, 2012 — David Bressan

Rocks from Outer Space!

Already hundred of years before a fireball scared Nevada, another strange rock made the news of the day. It was almost midday of November 7, 1492 when a " gruesome thunderbolt and long lasting roar " was heard coming from the sky and a rock impacted on a field, producing a crater " half a man length " deep.Soon curious onlookers gathered around the hole and with the help of some strong men the rock from the sky was lifted on a cart and transported to the nearby Austrian city of Ensisheim .The Austrian emperor Maximilian I...

April 25, 2012 — David Bressan
The Sciences

April 10, 1815: The Eruption that Shook the World

" I had a dream, which was not all a dream. The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars Did wander darkling in the eternal space, Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air; Morn came and went - and came, and brought no day "" Darkness " (1816) by Lord Bryon (1788-1824)In the year 1816 Europe was slowly recovering from the Napoleonic wars, ended just one year earlier...

April 10, 2012 — David Bressan
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