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Stories by David Wogan

10 tips that can help you save energy this summer (videos!)

Ugh. We hit our first triple digits in Austin this week. I love summer as much as the next person, but the heat becomes a little ridiculous here. Summer here means finding relief in swimming pools and the air conditioned indoors, which also means squeezing every last electron out of the electric grid while our air conditioners hum...

June 15, 2012 — David Wogan

How to use a paper towel

Paper towels are on my short list of aggravating and wasteful habits that can be improved without a whole lot of work. In this 4 minute TEDx talk, Joe Smith lays out a super simple two step way to use a single paper towel to dry hands in the bathroom...

May 18, 2012 — David Wogan

The Yale Environment Review wants to brief you on the latest in environmental research

I’m excited to share with y’all the Yale Environment Review , fresh out of the Yale School of School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. The Review is a super refined weekly web publication curated by subject matter experts from Yale who summarize important research articles from leading natural and social science journals with the hope that people can make more informed decisions using latest research results.The Review launched this week and covers a wide range of topics, like this brief about climate change and biodiversity (“Biodiversity Left Behind in Climate Change Scenarios”): They find that simply using the traditional classification of a species in climate change simulations can underestimate the true scale of biodiversity loss...

May 4, 2012 — David Wogan

Wasting water is weird

In the process of putting together an actual post about the value of water resources, I found these hilarious videos from the Wasting Water Is Weird campaign.

April 13, 2012 — David Wogan

SMBC: Bottles make it better

Sometimes humor is the most effective way to point absurdities in our culture and behavior as a species (think about how much more palatable The Daily Show makes the news!).

March 18, 2012 — David Wogan

Short film dives into landfill gas

I want to share a short video by documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit and director Jessica Edwards. The Landfill is a short (three minute) film about the often overlooked business of dealing with the things we no longer want to deal with - you know, things like old tires, uneaten food, and other gross things that I won’t mention here...

February 15, 2012 — David Wogan

State of the Union 2012: energy use and the military

In his 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama laid out several key points for his energy policy in the coming year. Natural gas and domestic oil production got a shout-out in the address as part of the President’s vision of supporting domestic energy resources, something that several Republican lawmakers were pleased, and perhaps surprised, to hear.What I thought was more interesting was the President specifically calling out how big of a consumer of energy the U.S...

January 30, 2012 — David Wogan

Waste-to-energy: from pit latrines to biogas

I'll readily admit that I don't know nearly enough about the world of sanitation, and I know that I'm not the only one that feels that way. We'll readily talk in great lengths about which types of food are best to eat, whether or not our produce is organic, or if our animals were humanely slaughtered...

January 5, 2012 — David Wogan
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