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Stories by Eliene Augenbraun

General Relativity at the Beach

A hammock turns out to be the perfect place to contemplate spacetime, especially if you happen to have some coconuts

September 8, 2015 — Eliene Augenbraun and Clara Moskowitz

The Science of Online Dating

Looking to get ahead in the online dating world? Science has evidence for some surprising tips. —Eliene Augenbraun, Christopher Intagliata

June 11, 2015 — Eliene Augenbraun and Christopher Intagliata

Genes Orchestrate Musical Ability

It might take practice to get to Carnegie Hall but scientists found that it takes a set of dozens of genes in the brain working together to make that practice pay off.

June 2, 2015 — Eliene Augenbraun, Karen Hopkin and Benjamin Meyers

Scientific American Presents a Beetle Curator

Max Barclay curates insects at London's Museum of Natural History. He discovered the only known beetles collected by the famed 19th century explorer, Dr. David Livingstone, in a dusty old box...

May 22, 2015 — Eliene Augenbraun and Mariette DiChristina

When Black Holes Collide

When supermassive black holes run into each other, the fabric of space and time gets a little bit wrinkled.

May 21, 2015 — Eliene Augenbraun and Clara Moskowitz
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