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Stories by Heidi Ledford

Stem Cell Company in Crisis

Financial woes are threatening Advanced Cell Technology, running the only FDA-approved clinical trials of embryonic stem cell therapies

January 27, 2014 — Heidi Ledford and Nature magazine

Red Wine's Link to Health Gains Support

New evidence suggests the mechanism of action for a red wine compound that some say is linked to a longer life span. Resveratrol acts directly on a protein that has been linked to cell metabolism and inflammatory diseases...

March 8, 2013 — Heidi Ledford and Nature magazine

FDA Approves Recombinant Flu Vaccine

The agency's approval of the first seasonal flu vaccine made of recombinant proteins rather than inactivated or weakened virus comes as emergency rooms are clogged with victims of an early and severe flu season...

January 22, 2013 — Heidi Ledford and Nature News Blog

U.S. Fiscal Deal Leaves Science Vulnerable

Congress's decision on January 1 to delay mandatory cuts to agencies, including the NIH and NSF, means administrators must still plan for possible plunges in funding for medical schools and other campuses...

January 3, 2013 — Heidi Ledford and Nature magazine

FDA Under Pressure to Relax Drug Rules

The drug industry says the antibiotic pipeline is blocked by overly stringent clinical-trial requirements for new treatments

December 4, 2012 — Heidi Ledford and Nature magazine
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