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Stories by Henry Norris Russell

Diffuse Nebulae

The New Struve Wide-Slit Spectrograph Permits the Observation of the Faint Galactic Nebulae

August 1, 1938 — Henry Norris Russell

The Coolest Stars

Results of the Recent Successful Search for Faint Exceptionally Red and Infra-red Dwarf Stars, How The Temperatures of Such Stars are Ascertained

July 1, 1938 — Henry Norris Russell

Some Astronomical Finds

The Best Fish are Not Always Caught by the Best Equipped Fishermen, The Little Fellow With a Small Telescope Makes Finds of Unusual Interest

June 1, 1938 — Henry Norris Russell

A Great Work Completed

The Monumental New General Catalog of Stars for the Professional Astronomer, in Preparation More than 30 Years, is Finished, An Enormous Task....

May 1, 1938 — Henry Norris Russell

The Odd New-Old Star

The Much-Talked-of Huge Star in Auriga Yields to Astrophysical Interpretation: an Eclipsing Binary With an Almost Grazing Type of Eclipse

April 1, 1938 — Henry Norris Russell

New Astronomical Advances, March 1938

A Résumé of Some of the Researches Described at the Most Recent Semi-Annual Meeting of the 400 Astronomers of the North American Continent

March 1, 1938 — Henry Norris Russell

Pulsating Stars

When Stars Pulsate in Brightness, What Really Happens and Why? Such Changes Take Place on an Enormous Scale, A Star's Diameter May Rise and Fall by as Much as 40,000,000 Miles and at a Rate of 25 Miles a Second, New Data Increase Our Knowledge but We Still Have Much to Learn...

February 1, 1938 — Henry Norris Russell

The Rotation of Our Galaxy

New Research Based on Planetary Nebulae Provides the Most Striking Evidence and the Best Picture of Galactic Rotation Thus Far Made Available

December 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

Radiation Pressure

How the Sun and the Stars, Due to the Pressure of Their Light, Ultimately Clean Up the Smaller Particles in Their Own Immediate Neighborhoods

November 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

As Others Would See Us

Just as Mars, when Seen from the Earth, is Called the "Ruddy" Planet, so the Earth from Mars or Other Planets Would be Called the Azure Object

October 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

The New Martian Puzzle

Mars' Current Apparition Reveals to Astronomers a Remarkable Phenomenon, Unprecedented Clearing in the Planet's Atmosphere, Signifying What?

September 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

Old Problem—New Progress

How a Century-old Obstacle Has Been Avoided in Dealing with the Astronomer's "Problem of Three Bodies" . . . Special Problem Just Solve

August 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

The Fuel of the Stars

It is Now Believed that Hydrogen Transmuted into Heavier Elements is the Source of the Stupendous Energy that Keeps the Stars Shining for Eons

July 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

Youth and Age in the Heavens

A Problem That is Not so Simple as it Seems, Ascertaining Which Astronomical Events Have Followed Others, and Which Have Preceded Them

June 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

The Search for Exceptional Stars

The Hunt for Stars that are Exceptionally Bright and For Those that are Exceptionally Faint is Not So Simple a Procedure as it at First Appears

May 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

The Population of Interstellar Space

There is Evidence that Galactic Space Contains Extremely Tenuous Material--Scattered Atoms of Gas--and is not Wholly Empty, Its Source?

April 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

The Analysis of the Sun

Progress is Being Made in the Detection of New Solar Elements by Means of the Spectroscope, Osmium, Iridium, Thulium Now Added to the List

March 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell

A Relativistic Eclipse

What Might be Seen from a Planet Conveniently Placed Near the Companion of Sirius, Perfect Tests of General Relativity that are Unavailable

February 1, 1937 — Henry Norris Russell
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