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Stories by Henry Norris Russell

Reflection Nebulae

Large Opaque Clouds of Dark Particles In the Galaxy are Lit Up Whenever Stars are Near, New Type of Telescope Confirms an Older Theory

December 1, 1936 — Henry Norris Russell

Novae a Super-Novae

The New Star Recently Discovered Lies in Our Own Galaxy and is a Normal Type. Some Seen in Other Galaxies Are Enormous, Called Super-Novae

September 1, 1936 — Henry Norris Russell

Granules of the Solar Photosphere

Why the Sun's Surface Looks as if it Were Bumpy, Granules Found to be About 2200 Miles in Diameter, 100 Degrees Hotter Than the Remainder

August 1, 1936 — Henry Norris Russell

Are We Inside a Dark Nebula?

Recent Investigations Suggest that Our Part of Space is Slightly Hazy, and Provide a Hypothesis of the Origin of the Sun's Family of Comets

July 1, 1936 — Henry Norris Russell

A Catastrophe That Did Not Happen

Why the Billion-Ton Minor Planet which Recently Passed Closer to the Earth than Anything Ever Known to Astronomers did not Strike it, The Earth is Safe for a Long Time to Come...

May 1, 1936 — Henry Norris Russell

Minor Planets--I

Thirty Thousand of Them Are Observable, Mass Production in Asteroid Discovery, Names For all of These Objects Are Becoming Hard to Find

March 1, 1936 — Henry Norris Russell

More About Nova Herculis

Transformation of a Stellar Atmosphere into an Expanding Nebula, Outer Layers Blown into Space, Energized by a Hot Neighboring Star

February 1, 1936 — Henry Norris Russell

Oxygen Stars and Carbon Stars

Old Story, New Chapter, A Carbon Star with a Vengeance, Changes Still a Mystery, All Over the Universe Matter Is Evidently the Same

November 1, 1935 — Henry Norris Russell

World Astronomers Meet Again

Every Three Years an International Body of Astronomers Meets, Mainly to Coordinate and Facilitate Cooperation of National Groups

October 1, 1935 — Henry Norris Russell

Impossible Planets

The Investigation of Three Newly- Discovered Stars of the Companion - of - Sirius Type (the Famous Star That Weighs a Ton Per Cubic Inch) Shows That These Extremely Dense Bodies are Old Stars in the Process of Going Out...

July 1, 1935 — Henry Norris Russell

Double Stars

The Realm Where the Visual Observer Still Reigns Supreme and Will not be Dethroned...

May 1, 1935 — Henry Norris Russell
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