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Stories by Jennifer Jacquet


Finding Nemo Isn't Easy: Film's Stars Threatened with Extinction

One in every six species related to characters in the movie Finding Nemo is threatened by extinction, according to a new study out today. The authors examined the extinction risk of 1,568 species within 16 families of well-known marine animals represented in the 2003 Academy Award-winning animated film.All species of marine turtles (“Squirt” and “Crush”) and more than half of all hammerhead sharks (“Anchor”), mackerel sharks (“Bruce” and “Chum”), and eagle rays (“Mr...

December 14, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet
The Sciences

Treats Not Tricks: Scientists Favor Research about Reward over Punishment

We call it 'trick or treat' but we all know the chances are much higher of getting treats on Halloween night. Similarly, it seems that scientists have a higher probability of publishing research about reward rather than research about punishment.I queried 'reward' and 'punishment' in the following databases of academic literature: Google Scholar, Scirus, Web of Science, SpringerLink, Ingenta, the journal Science, the journal Nature, and JSTOR...

October 31, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet

Back to School: Teaching Evolution

Most kids are heading back to school this month. Last week, my friend, a high school biology teacher in Mt. Vernon, Washington, got the inevitable: "So are you saying we're related to monkeys?" To which she replied: "I'm saying you're related to yeast." For those who disagree back to school radio ads exclaiming "It's not what you learn, but what you wear" -- here are a few favorites and soon-to-be favorites in teaching evolution:--Neil Shubin's book Your Inner Fish and, more important, his interview with Stephen Colbert;--Jerry Coyne's book Why Evolution is True and blog of the same title; --Carl Bergstom's co-authored soon-to-be-released (November 2011) Evolution textbook;--Randy Olson's Flock of Dodos; --And, of course, South Park's version of the theory of evolution (not appropriate for all audiences)...

September 18, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet
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