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Stories by Jordan Lite

How Can You Control Your Dreams?

The ability to manipulate our dream worlds goes beyond the science fiction plot of the movie Inception. A dream expert from Harvard University explains how it works

July 29, 2010 — Jordan Lite

NIH issues new stem cell research guidelines

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) today released draft guidelines that permit federal funding for research on stem cells from human embryos set to be discarded by fertility clinics...

April 17, 2009 — Jordan Lite

In labor? Stand, sit, walk... But don't lie down

Hey would-be moms, eager to pick up the pace of your delivery? One piece of advice: don't lie down.

Researchers report in today's Cochrane Review that women who knelt, sat or walked around during the early stages of labor instead of lying in bed sliced as much as an hour off of the birthing process...

April 15, 2009 — Jordan Lite
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