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Stories by Larry Greenemeier

Apple takes the wraps off its new iPhone 4

Apple will start selling the iPhone 4 in the U.S., France, Germany, Japan and the U.K. on June 24, although customers can pre-order the new gadget beginning June 15 from Apple's Web site, it was announced Monday...

June 7, 2010 — Larry Greenemeier

Web site shows how a tumor grows in 3-D

Ever wondered what it looks like when tumor cells grow inside the body? Drug maker Amgen is hoping to sate this morbid sort of Fantastic Voyage with a new Web site that takes viewers through the various stages of tumor angiogenesis in 3-D...

June 4, 2010 — Larry Greenemeier

12 Events That Will Change Everything

In addition to reacting to news as it breaks, we work to anticipate what will happen. Here we contemplate 12 possibilities and rate their likelihood of happening by 2050

May 19, 2010 — THE EDITORS, Charles Q. Choi, George Musser, John Matson, Philip Yam, David Biello, Michael Moyer, Larry Greenemeier, Katherine Harmon and Robin Lloyd

Key Moments in the Laser's First Half Century

Former Hughes Aircraft Company researchers Daniel Nieuwsma and Bob Byren recall the birth of the laser and the past three decades they have spent taking the technology in new directions

May 14, 2010 — Larry Greenemeier

Marathon organizers turn to electronic health records

Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit are studying injury-related and other information gathered electronically from last year's Detroit Free Press Marathon in preparation for this year's race in October...

May 3, 2010 — Larry Greenemeier
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