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Stories by Philip H. Smith

Lightless Light

Black Light--Unseen Rays--Causes Many Materials to Glow, Has Practical Uses

December 1, 1940 — Philip H. Smith

Roots are Pumps

Research Shows Capillary Attraction Has Little To Do With Sap Circulation

October 1, 1940 — Philip H. Smith

Tantalum--New Old Metal

Unsurpassed In Many Uses, Especially Chemical Equipment, Has Passivity of Glass, Strength of Steel, Hard Tools Made by Powder Metallurgy

June 1, 1940 — Philip H. Smith

Debutante Metal--Beryllium

Large Supplies, Makes Extremely Hard Alloys of Copper, Other Metals, Low Percentage is Needed Research Finding New Alloys, New Uses

March 1, 1940 — Philip H. Smith

Noise Control

Necessity, Not a Fad, Controlled at Source, Stopped or Damped by Scientific Design, Improved Efficiency, Calm Nerves, Less Deafness

October 1, 1939 — Philip H. Smith

Powder Metallurgy

Tungsten Filaments Started It, Now Superior "Alloys" Made Without Melting, Components Retain Identity, Can Alloy Metals, Non-Metals

February 1, 1939 — Philip H. Smith

Boards from Fiber

Composition Boards Originated as Wall Coverings, Now Find Wide Use, Field of Use Constantly Widens, Manufacture, Research for Future

September 1, 1938 — Philip H. Smith

Grits for Grinding

Abrasives Important to Industry; Make Possible Improved Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, Precision Work; Abrasive Research Goes On....

May 1, 1938 — Philip H. Smith

Camera Engraving

Photo-Engraving Conquering a New, Difficult Field, Makes Printing Rolls for Textiles, Wall Paper, Certain Advantages over Older Methods

March 1, 1938 — Philip H. Smith

New Tires for Old

Retreading and Re-Capping, Carcasses Must Be Sound, Four Out of Five, Of Greatest Value When Cars and Trucks Are in Constant Service

December 1, 1937 — Philip H. Smith

Design For Sales

Industrial Design Promotes Profits . . . Not Mere Decoration . . . Built-in Appearance of Competency with Charm Expresses Machine Age . . . Quality Now Comes with Quantity . . . Competition is the Driving Force...

August 1, 1937 — Philip H. Smith

Fences, Bridges, Zippers

Wire In Industry Everyday Life, For Man-Sized Jobs For Tinsel, Important New Electro-Galvanizing, Process "Tailor-Made" Wires

June 1, 1937 — Philip H. Smith
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