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Stories by Rose Eveleth

We're in Iceland - thanks for traveling with us!

Whoa, we are in Iceland. Our thirty days at sea are over. This is the sappy wrap up post, so I'll try to keep the poetic waxing to a minimum.In the last 30 days, the scientists aboard the R/V Knorr have woken up early, gone to bed late, collected data, fought about which condiments were superior, eaten (a lot), sampled, sequenced, read, broke, fixed and finagled...

July 14, 2012 — Rose Eveleth

You wanted to know: who are these scientists?

For the past few days we've covered some of the scientists on board through their PI's: Kay Bidle, Jack DiTullio and Rachel, Petey and Jacob, Marco Coolen and Cherel, Anna Martins, Assaf and his gang...

July 13, 2012 — Rose Eveleth

A graphical representation of the cruise so far

One of the scientists on board, Chris Brown, visualized the relationship between Ehux and ship morale. The top there is real data, so you can see just how big the spike was in Ehux concentration in our new spot.In the spirit of Chris's graph, here are some other little graphs I've made in the past few weeks about our time here...

July 3, 2012 — Rose Eveleth
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