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Stories by Tim Beardsley

Humans Unite!

Ben Shneiderman wants to make computers into more effective tools -- by banishing talk about machine intelligence

March 15, 1999 — Tim Beardsley

The Way to Go in Space

To go farther into space, humans will first have to figure out how to get there cheaply and more efficiently. Ideas are not in short supply

February 6, 1999 — Tim Beardsley

The Dope On Holography

A new technique could fulfill holography's promise for capturing information

September 1, 1998 — Tim Beardsley

Deadly Secrets

As India and Pakistan demonstrated, military nuclear know-how is spreading with frightening ease

August 1, 1998 — Glenn Zorpette and Tim Beardsley

Hot Coolants

An international clampdown is planned on the black market in CFCs and other banned chemicals

July 1, 1998 — Tim Beardsley

Getting Real?

Synthetic emotions could make computers nicer

July 1, 1998 — Tim Beardsley

Culturing New Life

Stem cells lead the way to a new medical paradigm in tissue regeneration

June 1, 1998 — Tim Beardsley
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