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Stories by Tim Beardsley

Where Science and Religion Meet

The U.S. head of the Human Genome Project, Francis S. Collins, strives to keep his Christianity from interfering with his science and politics

February 1, 1998 — Tim Beardsley

The Big Shrink

Federal labs are developing new chipmaking techniques. Who will reap the benefits?

December 1, 1997 — Tim Beardsley

Say that Again?

Researchers plan to see if cell phones could affect memory

December 1, 1997 — Tim Beardsley

Making Light Work

Blasting metal powder with lasers to make precision parts

August 1, 1997 — Tim Beardsley

AIDS Moonshot?

Under President Clinton's command, researchers step up the search for an HIV vaccine

June 2, 1997 — Tim Beardsley
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