SA Health & Medicine Vol 2 Issue 2

Health & Medicine

Volume 2, Issue 2

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Quest to Use CRISPR against Disease Gains Ground

As the first clinical trial results trickle in, researchers look ahead to more sophisticated medical applications for genome editing

How Twitter Is Changing Medical Research

From online journal clubs to “tweetorials” to conference updates, social media is changing the dissemination and discussion of biomedicine

How Coronaviruses Cause Infection--from Colds to Deadly Pneumonia

The novel coronavirus outbreak raises questions about how such pathogens evolve and what makes infections mild or severe


From the Editor
Warfare in Wonderland
Doctors and Suicide
Calling an Illness "Psychosomatic" Doesn't Mean It's Imaginary
Novel Coronavirus Is a Reminder: The Best Defense against a New Outbreak Is Early Detection
Virus Spread by Shrews Linked to Human Deaths from Mysterious Brain Infections
What's in Kale (or a Pear) that Seems to Lower Alzheimer's Risk?
Invisible Ink Could Reveal whether Kids Have Been Vaccinated
Bacteria "Tolerant" of One Antibiotic Are More Likely to Develop Resistance
Are Human Body Temperatures Cooling Down?