SA Health & Medicine Vol 3 Issue 3

Health & Medicine

Volume 3, Issue 3

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Tomorrow's Biggest Microbial Threats

Health experts around the world are focused on SARS-CoV-2, but similar viruses and microbial organisms such as bacteria could create the next global killer

Genetic Therapies for Brain Diseases

Hopes are high for a class of drug that could treat neurodegenerative conditions—but a recent clinical trial has brought the field up short

Unraveling the Complex Link between COVID and Diabetes

Infection with the pandemic-causing virus seems to trigger diabetes in some patients. Here are five plausible explanations as to why

So What Can People Actually Do after Being Vaccinated?

It’s complicated; not even the experts agree


From the Editor
One Hurdle at a Time
Trump's Policy Failures Have Exacted a Heavy Toll on Public Health
The Deadly Lung Disease You've Probably Never Heard Of
Reproductive Problems in Both Men and Women Are Rising at an Alarming Rate
In Obesity Research, Fatphobia Is Always the X Factor
Scientists Grew Tiny Tear Glands in a Dish--Then Made Them Cry
If You Don't Have COVID Vaccine Side Effects, Are You Still Protected?
When Will Kids Get COVID Vaccines?
New Arkansas Law--and Similar Bills--Endanger Transgender Youth, Research Shows