SA Mind Vol 31 Issue 2


Volume 31, Issue 2

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Taking Sex Differences in Personality Seriously

New approaches are shedding light on the magnitude of sex differences in personality, and the results are so strong and pervasive that they can no longer be ignored

Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

Philosopher Philip Goff answers questions about “panpsychism”

What's Next for Psychology's Embattled Field of Social Priming

A promising field of research on social behavior struggled after investigators couldn’t repeat key findings. Now researchers are trying to establish what’s worth saving

Johns Hopkins Scientists Give Psychedelics the Serious Treatment

The first research center of its kind in the country is bringing renewed rigor to the investigation of the drugs’ therapeutic uses


From the Editor
All That We Might Possibly Know
The Language You Speak Influences Where Your Attention Goes
How a Flawed Experiment "Proved" That Free Will Doesn't Exist
How Disinformation Hacks Your Brain
Americans Are Fast to Judge Social Class
Emotional Words Such as "Love" Mean Different Things in Different Languages
The Brain Senses Touch beyond the Body
Possible Missing Link in Alzheimer's Pathology Identified
Scientists Spot Addiction-Associated Circuit in Rats