SA Mind Vol 32 Issue 5


Volume 32, Issue 5

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Inspired by Chronic Illness, She Made Award-Winning Art about the Brain

Scientific American presents the winner and honorable mentions of the 11th annual Art of Neuroscience contest

Landmark Alzheimer's Drug Approval Confounds Research Community

Many scientists say there is not enough evidence that Biogen’s aducanumab is an effective therapy for the disease

How Did Neanderthals and Other Ancient Humans Learn to Count?

Archaeological finds suggest that people developed numbers tens of thousands of years ago. Scholars are now exploring the first detailed hypotheses about this life-changing invention

'Ambiguous Loss' from Miami-Area Condo Collapse Makes Grieving Harder

In a Q&A, loss expert Pauline Boss talks about coping with extreme uncertainty in the wake of a disaster


No Shrinking Violet
From the Editor
On Kindness and Grief
Injection of Light-Sensitive Proteins Restores Blind Man's Vision
News about Racial Violence Harms Black People's Mental Health
Gray Hair Can Return to Its Original Color--and Stress Is Involved, of Course
How to Raise Kids Who Don't Grow Up to Be Jerks (or Worse)
New Brain Implant Transmits Full Words from Neural Signals
Pupil Size Is a Marker of Intelligence
Neck-Zapping Gadget Reduced All-Nighter Fatigue in New Study
It's Not You, It's COVID: Couples Who Blamed Pandemic for Tensions Stayed Happier
Psychiatry Needs to Get Right with God
The Neuroscience of Taking Turns in a Conversation
A New Mental Health Crisis Is Raging in Gaza
Science Should Not Try to Absorb Religion and Other Ways of Knowing