SA Special Editions Vol 31 Issue 1s

Special Edition

Volume 31, Issue 1s

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Decoding a Disorder at the Interface of Mind and Brain

A mysterious condition once dismissed as hysteria is challenging the divide between neurology and psychiatry

Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

Philosopher Philip Goff answers questions about “panpsychism”

Mania May Be a Mental Illness in Its Own Right

Hundreds of thousands of people experience mania without ever getting depressed. Why does psychiatry insist on calling them bipolar?

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Changing Our Dreams

Anxiety about social distancing and infection is altering how much we dream and the nature of our dreams themselves

Can Lab-Grown Brains Become Conscious?

A handful of experiments are raising questions about whether clumps of cells and disembodied brains could be sentient and how scientists would know if they were

How the Brain Reads Faces

Brain regions that process faces reveal deep insights into the neural mechanisms of vision

Electrodes That Stimulate the Brain Reveal the Roots of Conscious Experience

Applying electric currents reveals the function of varying brain regions and helps to alleviate neurological disorders

You Really Can Learn in Your Sleep

Experimental techniques demonstrate how to strengthen memories when our brains are off-line

A Renaissance for Psychedelics Could Fill a Long-Standing Treatment Gap for Psychiatric Disorders

Psilocybin and MDMA represent a first wave of therapies that help patients by changing the way they view reality

The Neuroscience of Reality

Reality is constructed by the brain, and no two brains are exactly alike

In Search of the Brain's Social Road Maps

Neural circuits that track our whereabouts in space and time may also play vital roles in determining how we relate to other people

Why We Have Free Will

Neurons fire in your head before you become aware that you have made a decision. But this discovery does not mean you are a “biochemical puppet”

How the Mind Emerges from the Brain's Complex Networks

The new discipline of network neuroscience yields a picture of how mental activity arises from carefully orchestrated interactions among different brain areas

The Link Between Delirium and Dementia

Delirium is very common on COVID wards. Researchers are testing whether these temporary bouts of confusion could bring on permanent cognitive decline

People Answer Scientists' Queries in Real Time while Dreaming

Researchers demonstrate that during REM sleep, people can hear—and respond to—simple questions such as “What is eight minus six?”

Machines That Translate Wants into Actions

A new generation of brain-machine interfaces can deduce what a person wants

The Brain Learns in Unexpected Ways

White matter, the insulation around our neural wiring, plays a critical role in acquiring knowledge 

The Search for Social Identity Leads to 'Us' versus 'Them'

Uncertainty in the world threatens our sense of self. To cope, people embrace populism

How to Make a Consciousness Meter

Zapping the brain with magnetic pulses while measuring its electrical activity is proving to be a reliable way to detect consciousness


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