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Neuroscience1936 articles archived since 1845

"Power Poses" Don't Stand Up

A 2010 study claimed that striking certain poses could alter hormone levels and risk-taking behavior. But subsequent studies can’t replicate that finding. Christopher Intagliata reports. 

December 1, 2016 — Christopher Intagliata

Hear the Violet, Taste the Velvet

Research is unwinding the physiological basis of synesthesia, finding links to migraine, autism and other conditions that suggest a role for the immune system 

November 1, 2016 — Marta Zaraska

Mice Take Selfies of Their Own Brains

Rodents learn to put their heads under a microscope as a daily routine, letting researchers peer into their brains while the animals are relaxed and happy

November 18, 2016 — Jessica Wright and Spectrum


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