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Special Report

The Chernobyl Nuclear Accident 25 Years Later

On April 26, 1986, the world's worst nuclear disaster took place. How has the area recovered, and what lessons does it hold?

How Radiation Threatens Health

As worries grow over radiation leaks at Fukushima, is it possible to gauge the immediate and lasting health effects of radiation exposure? Here's the science behind radiation sickness and other threats facing Japan

March 15, 2011 — Nina Bai

Bering Sea, radiation, historic tortoise.

In this episode, science writer Karen de Seve shares her adventures in the Bering Sea; journalist Dr. John Miller talks about a radiation health conference; and taxonomist and paleontologist Scott Thomson discusses the late Harriet the tortoise. Plus we'll test your knowledge about some recent science in the news. Organizations and websites mentioned on this podcast include the Liberty Science Center,; Karen de Seve's blog,; the American Statistical Association,; Wikipedia,; and the Scientific American Digital Archive,

June 28, 2006 — Steve Mirsky