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Special Report

Learning in the Digital Age

Technology is remaking every aspect of education, bringing top-notch courses to the world's poorest citizens and reshaping the way all students learn

  • July 18, 2013

Online learning: Campus 2.0

Massive open online courses are transforming higher education—and providing fodder for scientific research.

The Virtual Lab

Confronted with the explosive popularity of online learning, researchers are seeking new ways to teach the practical skills of science

Look, then Leap

Massive open online courses can make higher education more accessible, immersive and comprehensive—if they are deployed with due caution, says Michael M. Crow

Online On-ramps

Giving scientists greater access to conceptual and technical tuition through massive open online courses will aid interdisciplinary research, say Hazel Sive and Sanjay Sarma

How to Make A MOOC

With forethought and support, science instructors can design effective massive open online courses

Nature Podcast: MOOCs

Are MOOCs turning the world into a university? Ewen Callaway signs up and finds out

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