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Personal Technology in 2011

Video games, smart phones, apps, e-readers--people are fitting digital gadgets into all aspects of their lives

"Do not track" options in store for Chrome, IE and Firefox

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are moving quickly to respond to calls from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and consumer watchdogs for a "do not track" option that allows Web surfers to protect their private information from being exploited by advertising networks...

January 25, 2011 — Larry Greenemeier

2011: The Year of the Personal Robot?

A standardized robotics kit promises to advance the field in ways not previously possible, making robot assistants, especially for elder care, more affordable

January 4, 2011 — Larry Greenemeier

Mind Out of Body: Controlling Machines with Thought

In an exclusive excerpt from his new book, a pioneering neuroscientist argues that brain-wave control of machines will allow the paralyzed to walk, and portends a future of mind melds and thought downloads...

February 1, 2011 — Miguel A. L. Nicolelis

How Was Egypt's Internet Access Shut Off?

Preliminary investigations indicate that most of the country's ISPs cut Internet access within a 20-minute period, likely at the government's behest

January 28, 2011 — Larry Greenemeier

Verizon gets its iPhone, but 4G will have to wait

Verizon Wireless confirmed Tuesday one of the worst-kept secrets in the tech industry–as of February 10, the company is adding Apple's iPhone 4 to the lineup of smart phones supported by the Verizon network...

January 11, 2011 — Larry Greenemeier
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The Essential Guide to the Modern World

The Essential Guide to the Modern World