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Smoke from wildfires raging in Canada has been pouring south into the U.S, and giving parts of the Northeast their worst air quality in decades. An apocalyptic orange haze has shrouded the Manhattan skyline, and noxious brown clouds have been clearly visible in satellite images. Scientific American will be rounding up some of the most striking visuals and notable updates in this climate-change-charged situation.

Canada has had one of the worst starts to a fire season on record, with more than 400 blazes currently spewing smoke into the atmosphere. Among the biggest of these fires is the Donnie Creek Complex, which, as of June 6, was burning across 2,656 square kilometers in British Columbia.

Images of NYC harbor.
Caption: Haze-shrouded buildings in downtown Manhattan seen from the Scientific American offices. Credit: Andrea Thompson (left), June Minju Kim (right)