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Stories by Abraham Loeb

The Power of Anomalies

Progress in science is sometimes propelled by the discovery of experimental oddities that inspire a fresh perspective on nature

August 28, 2018 — Abraham Loeb

Science Is an Infinite-Sum Game

It’s a win–win endeavor with unlimited horizons for expanding our island of knowledge into the ocean of ignorance

July 31, 2018 — Abraham Loeb

Where Do Ideas Come from?

They’re nurtured by informal dialogues in environments where mistakes are tolerated and critical thinking is encouraged

July 23, 2018 — Abraham Loeb

Escape from Proxima b

A civilization in the habitable zone of a dwarf star like Proxima Centauri might find it hard to get into interstellar space with conventional rockets

April 16, 2018 — Abraham Loeb

Cosmic Inflation Theory Faces Challenges

The latest astrophysical measurements, combined with theoretical problems, cast doubt on the long-cherished inflationary theory of the early cosmos and suggest we need new ideas

January 20, 2017 — Anna Ijjas, Paul J. Steinhardt and Abraham Loeb
Portrait of a Black Hole

Portrait of a Black Hole

By adapting a global network of telescopes, astronomers will soon get their first look ever at the dark silhouette of a black hole

November 25, 2009 — Avery E. Broderick and Abraham Loeb
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