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Stories by Andrew Golden

VR Theme Park Hopes to Push Public Pickup

VR World is a virtual reality theme park that presents curated video games and 360-degree artistic cultural experiences in order to help the public overcome some of the barriers that have prevented mass adoption...

August 31, 2017 — Andrew Golden

Well-Preserved Armored Fossil Reveals Cretaceous Camouflage

The Cretaceous Period was a dangerous time for many animals, even for the “dinosaur equivalent of a tank.” Watch how researchers analyzed the pristine remains of a heavily armored nodosaur to discover this dino’s additional layer of defense...

August 3, 2017 — Andrew Golden

Racing to a Future of Autonomous Cars

The Robocar, a fully autonomous electric racecar, recently debuted in Times Square, New York City. Watch how the Roborace team behind it imagine a new motorsport and how the Robocar might accelerate the development of the consumer autonomous car...

July 28, 2017 — Andrew Golden and Larry Greenemeier

Damaged Bears Find Solace in Rehab

Watch how Carpathian brown bears, scarred by the practice of training bears to dance for entertainment, are being given the chance to live out their lives in an environment tailored to creature comfort...

July 20, 2017 — John Wendle and Andrew Golden

Chimps Engage in Costly Quid pro Quo

Chimpanzees have been known to cooperate when there is no foreseeable personal cost. Watch and learn whether chimps are capable of riskier, more complex forms of collaboration.

June 21, 2017 — Andrew Golden

How to Weigh a Star Using Gravitational Lensing

Astronomers recently tapped Einstein's concept of gravitational lensing to determine the weight of a distant star. Watch and learn how this concept came to be and how it works.

June 7, 2017 — Andrew Golden and Michael Lemonick

Searching for Life at the Bottom of the Arctic

Creatures living among the hydrothermal vents burbling under the Arctic Ocean's ice layer have been historically difficult to study, but an underwater vehicle, the Nereid Under Ice, can get close to the vents to peek in at the animals and their homes without disturbing their environment with icebreaking ships...

June 1, 2017 — Andrew Golden and Annie Sneed
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