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Stories by Clara Moskowitz

Even Einstein Was a Fool in Love

NEW YORK—When it came to relationships, Albert Einstein was no Einstein. In fact, the famous genius's romantic entanglements could rival the dysfunction of a typical Jerry Springer guest...

June 2, 2014 — Clara Moskowitz

Dark Matter Shell Saved Wannabe Galaxy

A failed dwarf galaxy called the Smith Cloud apparently survived an ancient collision with the Milky Way because of a protective dark matter cloak. Clara Moskowitz reports   


June 2, 2014 — Clara Moskowitz

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Now Just Pretty Good

Jupiter's Great Red Spot, once estimated to be 41,000 kilometers across, is just 16,500 kilometers wide in the latest Hubble Space Telescope observations, and the shrinkage seems to be accelerating...

May 22, 2014 — Clara Moskowitz

Galaxy Gave Star Cluster the Boot

The star cluster HVGC-1 had been part of the M87 galaxy, but now it's fleeing that galaxy at more than two million miles per hour. Clara Moskowitz reports


May 7, 2014 — Clara Moskowitz
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