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Stories by Felicity Muth

How to Enrich Cats' Lives: Food Puzzles for Cats

In the wild cats would naturally work for their food, and making meal times too easy for them may be detrimental. Cat behavior expert Mikel Delgado explains the advantages of food puzzles to me...

December 12, 2016 — Felicity Muth

Smart Birds Make the Worst Parents

Among mountain chickadees, at least, parents that contend with a harsher environment will be more likely to cause harm to their children than risk themselves.

December 4, 2015 — Felicity Muth

Robot Lizards Used to Address Evolutionary Questions

One of the reasons for the incredible breadth in the appearance of animals is to help individuals mate with the right species. This is one evolutionary process that causes differences between populations of animals and that can eventually lead to the formation of new species...

October 16, 2015 — Felicity Muth
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