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Stories by Jeff Tollefson

Meet Biden’s Science Team

As the U.S. president announces his advisers and agency heads, Nature’s guide tracks the appointees who matter most to science

23 hours ago — Nidhi Subbaraman, Jeff Tollefson, Giuliana Viglione and Nature magazine

What a Joe Biden Presidency Would Mean For Science

The coronavirus pandemic, climate change and space exploration are among the issues that Biden will influence if he wins the upcoming U.S. election

October 2, 2020 — Amy Maxmen, Nidhi Subbaraman, Jeff Tollefson, Giuliana Viglione, Alexandra Witze and Nature magazine

Trump Seeks Big Cuts to Science Funding—Again

The president wants to cut spending at the National Institutes of Health and Environmental Protection Agency, but it is not clear whether Congress will go along

March 12, 2019 — Heidi Ledford, Sara Reardon, Emiliano Rodríguez Mega, Jeff Tollefson and Alexandra Witze
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