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Stories by Jordan Lite

Alt-energy flagging in recession

It was a banner year for wind-energy in 2008, with the U.S. installing enough wind turbines to power two million homes and surpassing Germany to become the country with the most capability of generating power from wind...

February 4, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Singularity University: You, too, can study the future

Just how special is your intelligence? If you're a unique kind of smarty-pants, you can go to Singularity University, a program launched this week with the lofty intention of tackling "humanity's grand challenges."

Peter Diamandis, a promoter of personal space flight, got the idea while reading Raymond Kurzweil's 2005 book The Singularity Is Near , which discusses the merging and rapidly advancing areas of bio, nano and information technology...

February 4, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Great China earthquake may have been man-made

Was last year's devastating China earthquake, which killed 80,000 people and left more than 5 million homeless, really just a tragic natural event? Speculation is growing that the magnitude-7.9 quake may have actually been triggered by the tremendous water weight behind a nearby dam...

February 3, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Iran launches a satellite into space

Iran says it launched a satellite last night as part of what officials there described as the country’s bid to develop a space program.

The satellite, named Omid, or “hope,” was “successfully sent into orbit” with a Safir 2 (or "ambassador") rocket, according to IRNA, Iran’s official news agency...

February 3, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Skin check for cancer? You may not need one

Do you obsessively scrutinize your skin for unusual blemishes and visit your doc for an annual whole-body check for cancer? It may not do you any good, a panel of government experts says...

February 2, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Obama orders review of FDA in wake of salmonella outbreak

Pres. Obama says he's ordering a “complete review” of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after state and federal inspectors failed to detect and crack down on  a Georgia plant that knowingly sent out tainted peanut butter products that have sickened 529 people in 43 states and may have killed eight...

February 2, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Salmonella sparks recall for two-year-old peanut products

You wouldn’t think peanut butter could have such long-lasting, ill effects, but the company whose peanut products caused a nationwide outbreak of salmonella infections is now recalling everything it has manufactured at its contaminated Blakely, Ga., plant since January 1, 2007...

January 29, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Which antidepressants are most effective?

The glut of antidepressant drugs on the market and the ads for them may have you – not to mention doctors –   wondering how to tell one from the other.

January 28, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Peanut butter company knew its products contained salmonella

Federal regulators charge that the company responsible for salmonella-tainted peanut butter shipped products it knew were contaminated. The bacterial infection has sickened 501 people in 43 states since September and may be linked to eight deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...

January 28, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Cows with names make more milk

Will Bessie make more milk if you call her by name? British ag specialists say she will.

Dairy farmers who address their cows by name reported 68-gallon (258-liter) higher milk yields over the animals’ 10-month lactation period than those who didn't, according to new research published today in Anthrozoos , a British journal dedicated to the "interactions of animals and people."

British researchers compared production from the country's National Milk Records with the survey responses of 516 dairy farmers to see if there was an association between yield and cow naming...

January 28, 2009 — Jordan Lite

New short list for USDA's food-safety service

Two food-safety vets are on the short list to head up the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).

Caroline Smith-Dewaal, food safety director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and former FSIS administrator Barbara Masters are the final contenders, unidentified union officials, reps from the food industry and experts in food safety told the Washington Post ...

January 28, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Fewer deaths in hospitals with computerized records

Don't underestimate the value of good bookkeeping. A new study says that your chance of dying and suffering complications is lower in hospitals and clinics that computerize patient charts and drug orders...

January 27, 2009 — Jordan Lite

March of the extinction?

The number of emperor penguins, the elegant stars of the hit film "March of the Penguins," will shrink considerably by the end of this century if levels of Antarctic sea ice continue to fluctuate as frequently as climate experts predict, new research suggests...

January 26, 2009 — Jordan Lite
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