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Stories by Naomi Lubick

An Ear to the Stars

Despite long odds, astronomer Jill C. Tarter forges ahead to improve the chances of picking up signs of extraterrestrial intelligence

October 15, 2002 — Naomi Lubick

Designing Trees

The same, often controversial gene-tweaking techniques that brought us pest-resistant fruits and vegetables now have a new target: trees

April 1, 2002 — Naomi Lubick

Where Biosphere Meets Geosphere

Microbes don't only affect other living things. They break down rock, construct mineral deposits and create by-products ranging from electrical currents to methane gas

January 28, 2002 — Naomi Lubick

Looking for Aliens

We often assume extraterrestrials will be smart enough to contact us. But what if they aren't? How do we find them then?

July 16, 2001 — Naomi Lubick

Healing Haze?

As politicians debate the potential merits of medical marijuana, scientists search for new ways to deliver this old drug

June 4, 2001 — Naomi Lubick

Cutting the Cord

For billions of years the sun has steadily provided vast amounts of energy. Are we ready to tap into this resource?

April 30, 2001 — Naomi Lubick

Moving Mountains

Volcanoes swell and collapse back down in what seem like great, heaving sighs. These movements may help scientists better predict eruptions

March 12, 2001 — Naomi Lubick

A Trace of the Corona

New images help to explain why the sun's atmosphere is hotter than its surface

December 19, 2000 — Naomi Lubick
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