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Stories by Sophie Bushwick

The Hangover: Part N+1

Developing a hangover doesn't prevent or even significantly delay the next drinking bout. Sophie Bushwick reports 


March 11, 2014 — Sophie Bushwick

Jazz Improvisers Appear to Use Language Brain Areas

Brain scans of musicians as they improvised in a musical dialogue with another player showed that the improvisers used regions involved in syntax during production of language. Sophie Bushwick reports ...

February 27, 2014 — Sophie Bushwick

Lassie and Timmy Hear Vocals in Same Brain Area

Functional MRI brain scans show that man and man's best friend use analogous brain regions to process vocalizations of both their own and the other species. Sophie Bushwick reports

February 25, 2014 — Sophie Bushwick

Turkey Skin Inspires Chemical Sensor

When turkeys get riled up, their skin can change color because of alterations in the arrangement of connective tissue. Researchers created a chemical sensor made of viruses based on the same principle


January 24, 2014 — Sophie Bushwick

Diet Soda Mixers Up Breathalyzer Readings

People who drank vodka with a diet mixer had breath alcohol levels 18 percent higher than when they drank alcohol with full-calorie soda. Sophie Bushwick reports

January 14, 2014 — Sophie Bushwick

Stress Makes Gorilla Glass Stronger

Gorilla Glass's residual stress can be explained by observing how the motion of individual atoms affects the entire system of the material

May 20, 2013 — Sophie Bushwick and Inside Science News Service

Blood Plasma Found to Have Stretchy Properties

Plasma flows like a liquid but has the consistency of ketchup on a small scale. This new insight could help researchers better model the motion of blood in the human body

March 4, 2013 — Sophie Bushwick and Inside Science News Service
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