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Gestures and Eye Movements Will Control Cars

Carmakers are working on ways to let drivers interact with their cars using presumably safer hand gestures and eye movement in addition to voice controls and touch screens. Larry Greenemeier reports


January 16, 2015 — Larry Greenemeier

What Works, What Doesn't

Some study techniques accelerate learning, whereas others are just a waste of time—but which ones are which? An unprecedented review maps out the best pathways to follow

January 9, 2015 — John Dunlosky, Katherine A. Rawson, Elizabeth J. Marsh, Mitchell J. Nathan and Daniel T. Willingham

Ignore That!

Help researchers better understand people’s ability to ignore unnecessary information

January 6, 2015 — Larry Greenemeier

Fit Body, Fit Mind?

How can you stay sharp into old age? It is not just a matter of winning the genetic lottery. What you do can make a difference

January 5, 2015 — Christopher Hertzog, Arthur F. Kramer, Robert S. Wilson and Ulman Lindenberger
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