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Ignore That!

Help researchers better understand people’s ability to ignore unnecessary information

January 6, 2015 — Larry Greenemeier

Fit Body, Fit Mind?

How can you stay sharp into old age? It is not just a matter of winning the genetic lottery. What you do can make a difference

January 5, 2015 — Christopher Hertzog, Arthur F. Kramer, Robert S. Wilson and Ulman Lindenberger

The Science of Genius

Outstanding creativity in all domains may stem from shared attributes and a common process of discovery

December 23, 2014 — Dean Keith Simonton

Why We Have Free Will

Neurons fire in your head before you become aware that you have made a decision. But this discovery does not mean you are a “biochemical puppet”

December 22, 2014 — Eddy Nahmias

Inclusion Illusion Lessens Racial Bias

Implicit bias against another race lessened after volunteers experienced themselves via virtual reality as a member of that race. Karen Hopkin reports


December 20, 2014 — Karen Hopkin
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