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NSA Snooping Includes Hunting for Computer Hackers

The spy agency’s warrantless surveillance program on U.S. soil has been expanded to search for signs of hacking, according to the latest classified document leaks from former contractor Edward Snowden...

June 5, 2015 — Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, ProPublica, Charlie Savage, New York Times and Henrik Moltke

"Brainprints" Could Be Future Security ID

We all emit slightly different brain waves in response to stimuli, and researchers say that an individual’s specific "brainprints" could be used to validate our identities...

June 5, 2015 — Christopher Intagliata

How to Use a Virtual Machine

What is a virtual machine and how can you use it to boost your computer efficiency? Tech Talker explains

June 3, 2015 — Tech Talker Eric Escobar

NOVA Evolution Lab

What could you possibly have in common with a mushroom, or a dinosaur, or even a bacterium? More than you might think.

May 27, 2015 — Larry Greenemeier

Pop Music Gets Its Fossil Record Analyzed

An investigation of more than 17,000 hit tunes suggests popular music undergoes periods of shifting diversity, and that new styles evolve in bursts. Christopher Intagliata reports

May 5, 2015 — Christopher Intagliata
Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be with You

Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be with You

16-year-old Paul Vermeesch recreate the impossible structures in M.C. Escher's Relativity--but with a Star Wars theme--in LEGO.

May 2, 2015 — Susana Martinez-Conde

Queen of Carbon Becomes First Women to Receive IEEE Medal of Honor

In June, Professor Mildred Dresselhaus will formally receive the 2015 IEEE Medal of Honor for her leadership and contributions across many fields of science and engineering. She is the first woman to receive the organisation’s highest honor since its inception in 1917...

April 30, 2015 — Melissa C. Lott
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