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Solar-Storm Watch

Help solar scientists spot explosions on the sun and track them across space to Earth

March 27, 2012

Dark Matter Clump Furrows Brows

Dark matter doesn't usually collide much with itself or with ordinary matter, but it appears to be uncharacteristically clumping in the galaxy cluster A520. John Matson reports

March 5, 2012

When 14 Billion Years Just Isn't Enough Time

Some say its glory days are long gone, but the universe has life in it yet. Brand-new types of celestial phenomena will unfold over the coming billions and trillions of years

February 20, 2012 — Donald Goldsmith

Black Hole May Eat Asteroids

The black hole at the center of Milky Way could be steadily feeding on a cloud of asteroids, producing frequent, small x-ray flares. John Matson reports

February 14, 2012

Our Solar System

Science has progressed from wild speculation about Earth's planetary neighbors—including how they formed and whether they are inhabited—to a better understanding of our celestial neighborhood...

January 1, 2012
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