SA Health & Medicine Vol 2 Issue 6

Health & Medicine

Volume 2, Issue 6

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Why Some People Get Terribly Sick from COVID-19

Beyond factors such as age and sex, underlying aspects of biology and society influence disease severity

Fast Coronavirus Tests: What They Can and Can't Do

Rapid antigen tests are designed to tell in a few minutes whether someone is infectious. Will they be game changers?

The Antibiotic Gamble

Paratek Pharmaceuticals made a life-saving drug and got it approved. So why is the company’s long-term survival still in question?

Who Will Get a COVID-19 Vaccine First? Access Plans Are Taking Shape

Advisory groups around the world have released guidance to prioritize healthcare workers and those in front-line jobs


From the Editor
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COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven't Had Any Symptoms
Medical Education Needs Rethinking
Another Misguided 'War' on Obesity
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