SA Health & Medicine Vol 4 Issue 3

Health & Medicine

Volume 4, Issue 3

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A Deluge of New Drugs for COVID

Two years into the pandemic, the COVID-19 drugs pipeline is primed to pump out novel treatments—and fresh uses for familiar therapies.

Mars Mission Could Bring Health Benefits on Earth

Flying to space takes its toll on the human body, and this has spurred new research on radiation and microgravity, as well as advances in remote medicine and telehealth, all of which have potential benefits for people on Earth

How to Make Smart COVID Risk-Benefit Decisions

Scientific American asks experts in medicine, risk assessment and other fields how to balance the risks of COVID with the benefits of visiting public indoor spaces


From the Editor
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The Federal Government Should Decriminalize Marijuana
Gun Violence Is an Epidemic; Health Systems Must Step Up
New Cases of Childhood Diabetes Rose during the Pandemic
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Anti-Trans Laws Will Have a Chilling Effect on Medicine