SA Mind Vol 32 Issue 3


Volume 32, Issue 3

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Detecting Alzheimer's Gets Easier with a Simple Blood Test

New assays could reduce the need for costlier, more invasive brain scans and spinal fluid measures

How the Brain Responds to Beauty

Scientists search for the neural basis of an enigmatic experience

How to Stop Doomscrolling News and Social Media

“Doomscroll Reminder Lady” Karen K. Ho explains how to step away from the screen

Evolution Could Explain Why Psychotherapy May Work for Depression

Persistent rumination may be an attribute that lets us think our way out of despair—a process enhanced through talk therapy

Humans Are Pretty Lousy Lie Detectors

Whenever we hear someone speak, we form an opinion about their believability. But our eyes and ears can lead us astray


From the Editor
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The Benefits of Being Yourself Online
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