SA Space & Physics Vol 3 Issue 2

Space & Physics

Volume 3, Issue 2

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How the Celebrated "Pale Blue Dot" Image Came to Be

How the Celebrated "Pale Blue Dot" Image Came to Be

Voyager 1’s poignant photograph of the distant Earth as the spacecraft sped toward interstellar space happened just 30 years ago

Meet "Spikey," a Possible Pair of Merging Supermassive Black Holes

A flare predicted for this spring could confirm the object is indeed two monstrous black holes coming together

The Curious Case of Proxima C

The Curious Case of Proxima C

Astronomers continue to gather evidence for a second world around the sun’s nearest neighboring star

The Coolest Physics You've Ever Heard Of

Ultracold atoms can simulate all sorts of quantum behavior


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