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Special Report

Containing and Cleaning Up the Deepwater Oil Rig Disaster

On April 20, 2010, an explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico sank the oil rig and created a leak that has spewed millions of gallons into the water. This report contains our ongoing coverage of this disaster.

"Top kill" goes on into the night [update]

After a 16-hour pause to evaluate the effects of the "top kill" operation, BP plans to start pumping mud again this evening in an attempt to staunch the flow of oil from the MC 252 well in the Gulf of Mexico...

May 27, 2010 — David Biello

Oil spill worsens, offshore drilling plans in dire straits?

The Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill keeps getting worse—now gushing more than 200,000 gallons per day, according to NOAA estimates—five times more than original estimates and more than BP's absolute worst case scenario in disaster plans filed with the government...

April 29, 2010 — David Biello
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