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Science and Soccer's World Cup

This year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil is an opportunity to see "the beautiful game" at its best. The monthlong tournament is also a world stage for science

Concussions Abound in Soccer, Too

A meta-analysis finds that concussions accounted for between 6 and 9 percent of all injuries sustained on soccer fields. Dina Fine Maron reports


February 12, 2014 — Dina Fine Maron

Visual bias in soccer fouls.

While I wouldn't say that I am a soccer fan , I do find it hard to turn down watching large international sporting events, especially when the USA is doing well in the playoffs.

July 18, 2011 — Michelle Clement

World Cup Prediction Mathematics Explained

The World Cup is back, and everyone's got a pick for the winner. Gamblers have been predicting the outcome of sporting contests since the first foot race across the savannah, but in recent years a unique type of statistical analysis has taken over the prediction business...

June 11, 2014 — Michael Moyer

Home of Next World Cup Choking On Its Own Smog

Sao Paulo, host city of the first World Cup soccer match next year, has a major pollution problem. A recent study says air pollution in the southern Brazilian city causes three times more deaths than breast cancer or traffic accidents...

October 21, 2013
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Deep Dives in Science -- Subscribe to our Collector's Editions Today