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Intelligence, Cancer, and Eyjafjallaj

This seems to have become unofficial volcano week, here at ScienceBlogs. If you haven’t been following the coverage of the Eyjafjallaj

April 21, 2010 — Jason G. Goldman
Chef Meets Doctor

Chef Meets Doctor

To learn more about how food affects the body, what better way than to stick a doctor and a chef in the same room? Or better yet, the same kitchen?

September 29, 2014 — Julianne Wyrick
Brainy Watson Computer to Tackle Cancer and Other Medical Research

Brainy Watson Computer to Tackle Cancer and Other Medical Research

After vanquishing humans on Jeopardy!, IBM says its Watson computer is ready to help save human lives. The company on Thursday announced it has created a new business unit specifically to advance Watson and deliver its artificially intelligent wisdom to research organizations, medical institutions and businesses so that they can process big data” for detailed [...]

January 9, 2014 — Larry Greenemeier

Hallmarks of Cancer 2: Insensitivity to Antigrowth Signals

The Hallmarks of Cancer are ten underlying principles shared by all cancers. You can read the first Hallmark of Cancer article here. The Second Hallmark of Cancer is defined as “Insensitivity to Antigrowth Signals”.

September 25, 2013 — Buddhini Samarasinghe

One Day, You Will Smell Like a Dead Chicken

Unfortunately, this is true. I’ll explain. Dogs are trained to sniff out a lot of things, and some of those “things” are human remains. Human remains, except those in a cemetery, are usually not out in the open; someone doesn’t want them found or there has been an accident.

September 25, 2013 — Julie Hecht

How Cancer Spreads

Tumor cells roam the body by evading the controls that keep normal cells in place. That fact offers clues to fighting cancer

September 1, 1996 — Erkki Ruoslahti
U.S. Cancer Deaths Fell 22% Since 1991

U.S. Cancer Deaths Fell 22% Since 1991

More than 1.5 million Americans avoided death from cancer since 1991 thanks to falling smoking rates and better cancer prevention, detection and treatments

December 31, 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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