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Stories by David Biello

Where Does Ebola Hide?

Fruit bats are the most likely carriers of Ebola but it is human-to-human transmission that matters most now

October 14, 2014 — David Biello

Clean Coal Era Begins

On October 2, the Boundary Dam power plant in Saskatchewan became the first full-sized coal-fired boiler to capture the copious carbon dioxide that had previously billowed from its smokestack, preventing the greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere...

October 7, 2014 — David Biello

Wildlife Population Plummeted Since 1970

A World Wildlife Fund report estimates losses of 40 percent of all individual land and sea animals, and a 70 percent population crash of all river animals, since 1970. David Biello reports


October 5, 2014 — David Biello

300,000-Plus People March for Climate Action, In Pictures

The Sunday morning rush hour is not usually known for packing people into subway cars like sardines. But September 21, 2014 was not your average Sunday commute as hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, Americans from across the country and foreign contingents converged on Columbus Circle and Central Park West for the People’s Climate March...

September 22, 2014 — David Biello
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