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Stories by Jordan Lite

Dead heat: This cemetery's otherworldly energy is solar

Maybe they're trying to bring the dead back to life.

A Spanish town alarmed about climate change has installed solar panels on its mausoleums, turning "a place of perpetual rest into one buzzing with renewable energy," the Associated Press reports with mirth...

November 24, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Obama cell phone snoopers canned

Verizon Wireless has fired employees who peeked at President-elect Barack Obama’s cell phone records, according to published reports.

The staffers were sacked on Friday, an unidentified source told CNN, adding, "we now consider this matter closed.”

It’s unknown how many employees were axed, or exactly what information they accessed, but the source says there's no way they listened to voice mails or read any text messages that Obama sent or received...

November 24, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Obama's cell phone hacked, privacy issues murky

Verizon Wireless today apologized to President-elect Barack Obama after discovering that employees had snooped into his cell phone records in the latest example of a VIP’s private information being accessed by nosy staffers...

November 21, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Baby virus could be key to childhood asthma

Asthma, a respiratory disease whose prevalence skyrocketed in the latter part of the 20th century, is  believed to have a genetic component, and environmental triggers—including pollution and pests— are also blamed.  Now a common infant virus—respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)—is being fingered as a possible cause...

November 21, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Bush moves may endanger Endangered Species Act

The Bush Administration's push for "midnight regulations" in the last moments of office continues.

In the next 24 hours, the Bush is expected to relax requirements for federal environmental officials to sign off on building projects that pose a threat to species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)...

November 20, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Presidential DNA: The next campaign controversy?

Could next election season's dirty tricks include disclosures about the candidates' genes?

This year we heard all about John McCain's battles with skin cancer and Barack Obama's smoking habit, but there were gaps in their health records...

November 19, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Daschle to be health secretary under Obama

President-elect Barack Obama has tapped former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle to be his secretary of health, the Associated Press is reporting.

The soft-spoken Daschle, a South Dakota Democrat who served in the Senate from 1986 until his surprising defeat in 2004, urged Obama to make a run for the White House and was a close adviser during his campaign...

November 19, 2008 — Jordan Lite

New space litter: Astronaut loses tool bag

Bye-bye, grease gun.

An astronaut cleaning a solar rotary joint on the International Space Station lost her 30-pound tool bag yesterday, sending two grease guns, a scraper, a garbage bag and wipes into the cosmos, NASA reports...

November 19, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Tobacco settlement money squandered by states, advocates charge

Alaska is making the best use of cigarette taxes and Big Tobacco settlement money distributed to states in the decade after authorities negotiated a deal with the companies over smoking-related health costs incurred by the states, according to a new report released today by a coalition of advocacy groups...

November 18, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Gulf War syndrome is the real deal, science panel says

Complaints of memory and concentration problems, headaches, pain and fatigue among Gulf War vets have often fallen on deaf ears – until now. A Department of Veterans Affairs advisory panel has concluded that Gulf War syndrome is a real illness affecting at least 174,000 soldiers, a quarter of those who served in the 1991 Persian Gulf conflict...

November 18, 2008 — Jordan Lite
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