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Stories by Ken Croswell

An Elemental Problem with the Sun

A decades-long dispute over how much carbon, nitrogen and oxygen lie within our closest star has implications for the entire universe

2 hours ago — Ken Croswell and Knowable Magazine

The Mighty Milky Way

Our galaxy is far bigger, brighter and more massive than most others

May 31, 2019 — Ken Croswell and Knowable Magazine

Little Galaxy Keeps Churning Out Stars

The recently discovered small galaxy Leo P contains only about a hundred-thousandth as many stars as the Milky Way, but it's bucking the small galaxy trend by continuing to make new ones  ...

November 15, 2015 — Ken Croswell and Steve Mirsky

Alien Life Prefers Circles

Solar systems with many planets are more likely to feature the circular orbits that could foster intelligent life

February 27, 2015 — Ken Croswell

Half-Century Anniversary of a Mars Mishap

November 5th marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of Mariner 3, America’s first mission to Mars, which was lost in space. Steve Mirsky reports


November 5, 2014 — Ken Croswell and Steve Mirsky

Neptune Visit Hits 25th Anniversary

On August 24th, 1989, the Voyager 2 spacecraft rendezvoused with Neptune, making it the farthest planet to pose for a close-up, a record it still holds today.    


August 24, 2014 — Ken Croswell and Steve Mirsky

Jellyfish Galaxies Get Guts Ripped Out

Recently discovered galaxies shaped like jellyfish leave a long trail of hot gas and dust, victims of even hotter gas from their surrounding cluster of galaxies


June 17, 2014 — Ken Croswell and Steve Mirsky

Meteor Storm Went from Sizzle to Fizzle

The May Camelopardalids meteor outburst turned out to be a dud, because meteor storm prediction is not a sure thing, unlike, for example, calculating the next eclipse


June 4, 2014 — Ken Croswell and Steve Mirsky
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