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Stories by Lee Billings

Mars Lander Will Peer Inside the Red Planet

The InSight Mission will look at Mars's seismic activity and latent heat to find out more about how planets get made--and how humans might live there.

May 7, 2018 — Lee Billings and Steve Mirsky

The Milky Way, Revealed as Never Before

As a major new catalogue of our galaxy's stars from the Gaia space mission reverberates through the scientific community, astronomers are rushing to make revolutionary discoveries

April 25, 2018 — Lee Billings

Elon Musk Does It Again

His Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off on the first try, puts a Tesla auto into orbit—and maybe changes the business of space commerce and exploration forever

February 6, 2018 — Lee Billings

Decoding the Brain

Decoding the Brain

Consciousness. Cognition. Behavior.